Feminism vs Equality

March 08, 2018

Today is the 8th of March and is also the International Women's day. While the media outlets use this day to promote a few women who did great things, I would like to pay respect and remember today the women who don't get as much recognition but work very hard everyday to take care of their families and societies. These are our mothers, daughters, sisters and partners around the world.

It's uplifting how the awareness against unjust treatment for women is raising around the world. We have come a long way from when women were burnt alive when their husbands died to when women are bosses in major institutions. But our struggle for justice is not over. True equality for all is possible only when we all try to do our part in ensuring equal opportunities and treatment for women around the world.

Countless movements around the world are pursuing this goal and among them is the Feminist movement. Like all the non-moderated public movements, it has a lot of flavors. In Feminism, there are people who want equality for all, and there are people who think women should have unfair advantage, both these groups living under the same umbrella.

Inequality against men is just as bad as inequality against women. Please stop using the word feminism for equality. If you believe in equality for all people regardless of gender, you are an equalist. Please do not associate yourself with people who are like the ones you are advocating against.

Thank You.

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